Book / Resource Materials



  1. God’s Constitution For Business
  2. Life Business And God Almighty
  3. Understanding Kingdom Business
  4. Arrested By God
  5. Achieving Life Business Targets
  6. Before And After Marriage
  7. Breaking The Jinx Of Salary
  8. Starting Business Without Money
  9. Instant Job Creation
  10. Dating For Marriage
  11. Discovering Your Career Path For Relevance
  12. Europe By Road
  13. Everything Relationship
  14. Greatness In Madness
  15. How To Write And Get Your Work Published
  16. Miscalculations In Business
  17. Money 101 (Fundamental Truth About Money)
  18. Money Magnetization
  19. The Power To Get Wealth – The Mind Of A Man
  20. Retire Before You Are Retired
  21. Security Tips
  22. Talentometer
  23. Ten Mistakes You Should Not Make In Life
  24. The Power Of The Mind (Everything Is Possible)
  25. Turning Gifts To Money
  26. Love On The Rock
  27. What You Are Looking For Is Inside You
  28. Women Printing Money
  29. Where To Find Good Men
  30. Your Mark On Earth
  31. Attracting Favour For Your Life Business
  32. Divine Wisdom For Business
  33. How To Become A Millionaire In Three Months
  34. How To Get Money For Your Business
  35. How To Market Yourself
  36. Laws Of Money
  37. Learning From Others
  38. The Secret Of Life – Discover Self
  39. The Secret Of Life – Master Self
  40. The Secret Of Life – Maximize Self
  41. The Benefits Of Working For God
  42. The Power Of A Woman
  43. The Power Of Free Business
  44. The Power Of Multiple Streams Of Income
  45. Solving Nigeria’s Problems
  46. Starting Business While Keeping Your Regular Job
  47. Right Skills Right Job
  48. How To Make Good Profit In Business
  49. How To Make Use Of Natural And Spiritual Gifts
  50. The Power Of Understanding
  51. Be Inspired By God
  52. How To Invest In Yourself