Life business club is a social business network aimed at solving people’s problems. This is achieved by assisting people to discover self, master self and maximize self, through it’s enlightenment, teaching and counseling sessions based on the word of God. At life business club, we believe that every life is a business, and should be nurtured for optimal benefits. Life is about gain; therefore it should be mastered in order to do business with it the right way.

LBC is Christian based and a non denominational gathering. It is a community social responsibility initiative of Quick Cash Advance, born out of common desire to solve people’s problem.

Our vision is to solve people’s problems by providing them with enlightenment and resources; our desire is to see people succeed in their life business and more.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to maximize life by providing the enlightenment and resources they need for self-actualization and fulfillment in life

We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month by 10am prompt. At every meeting, two enlighteners present topics, then a talk show which deals with real life problems and solutions to it.

Benefits of being a member of the club includes, discovering self(purpose/life business), master self and maximize self, also opportunity to network with other business owners to increase your knowledge bank, increase in wisdom from various enlightenment and resources, access to financial aid/business grants, charity etc, access to mentors in your chosen career or business path.

Membership of LBC is free. All that is required is your commitment and dedication to its course. You will be given the membership form to be filled with one passport photograph. The membership form has a space for indicating the unit you will like to identify with as a member of LBC. It is expected that you attend up to 75% of the meeting yearly. You will be issued membership certificates on your 3rd attendance. We believe that with time you will move from ordinary member to silver member, then gold member, diamond and platinum members respectively.