Welcome to school of life; here we empower you to excel in life through our intensive programs centered on various phases of life. Have you ever heard the term ‘educated illiterate’, it may sound funny, but it is very serious. There are so many educated people in the world today who are not enlightened about life. They know many things about other things but cannot deal with simple life issues. To be enlightened means to be full of light or to be well informed and have solution to life issues. Ask yourself this question, is it possible for a man who is enlightened to be grappling in darkness, be in poverty, sickness, discontentment with his work; marriage, and life itself? If you are educated and not enlightened, you are not wholly educated, you are like a man who has knowledge but lacks understanding.

In most countries of the world, it is required that from the early age of about 3-6 years to 22-25years, a person goes through a school system to prepare him or her for life, but over time this convectional educational system is no longer adequate to  prepare people for  the real world. When people come out from this system, they get hit by all sorts of realities of life and in their confusion some run back to the same system to do a master’s program and even doctorate as well, hoping that the more academically sound they are, the more they will be able to conquer the challenges of life. Unfortunately, that is very far from the truth.

Today, it is a common knowledge that many highly educated people are not fulfilled in life. Some are perplexed about their life, because they cannot understand why they can’t enjoy life despite their high level of education. This is so because no university education will teach you how to enjoy life, discover yourself, start a business without money, overcome real life challenges, handling life relationships, what you need to know about life, and how to find fulfillment in life etc.

At School of Life, we equip you to succeed in all areas of your life; we teach courses like:


– Laws and principles of life 803
– Money 701
– Enjoying life 703
– The journey to  stardom 720
– The Gift of life 707
– Breaking the jinx of salary 801
– Marriage 809
– Retire before you are retired 804
– Growing up 702
– Life is too short 902
– Discover yourself 703
– The journey of life 704
– The right way to succeed 819
– Work & Job 705
– Life & Giving 806
– Your mark on earth 909
– The maxim of life 710
– Life relationships 712
– Life business 713
– Wealth creation 714
– Attitude 708
– A good home 815
– The key of life 706
– Integrity 716
– Parenting 817
– Diligence 718
– Enlightenment 906
– Life Resources 907
– Wisdom 816
– Information & life 818
– Self-fulfillment 905
– Learning life from other lives 908
– Intellectual property 719 etc


The School of Life has four major course programs:

  1. Pre life Basic Course (Introduction) – Free training program.
  2. Life Basic Diploma (LBD) – Adult only.
  3. Life Masters Diploma (LMD)- Adults who have completed LBD course.
  4. Life Specialist Diploma (LSD)- Adults who have completed LMD course.

The first stage of our school of life program is FREE, and it is a one day program. To register for this program please click here fill the Pre Life Basic Course Registration Form. Additional information about the venue will be communicated via e-mail to those that register.

For further details about LBD, LMD and LSD programs, please send your Name, E-mail Address and Tel number, age, marital status, and postal address to