December 11, 2015


 The kingdom of God is a colossal business empire full of mysteries (wonders) unimaginable, unexplainable and incomprehensible by mortal beings on earth except if revealed to them by God. This is why God said in Deut. 29:29. Every secret belongs to the Lord, and He revealed it to whomsoever he wants to and when he does it is for you and your generation. Jesus Christ was speaking to his disciples in the book of Matthew, that it is given unto you (insiders) to know the mysteries (wonders) of the kingdom of heaven but to them (outsiders or unbelievers) it is not given (not permitted, not allowed, not revealed).

Considering this truth can we now say, God is bias because some people are favoured and others are not favoured in his kingdom? God is not bias, but he has his favourites.  He looks at the heart and intent of mankind and judges righteously like he told Cain in Gen. 4:7 if thou does well, shall thou not be accepted?. God is looking for people with a Godly heart, He said in Acts 13:22, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfill all my will. Also, in Job 1:8 God boasting with Job, while talking to Satan. Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and upright man, one that feared God and eschewed evil? God uses a spiritometer to weigh the spirits of a man, see Prov. 16:2 All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes but the lord weigheth the spirits (The Spirit of God vs the spirit of man).

One hard truth about the kingdom is that God chooses us and we don’t choose him. John 15:16. Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. But you have the will to accept or reject. God is not looking for your ability but your availability. Do you fear him and ready to do his will instead of your will?

Before we begin to unveil some mysteries in the kingdom as revealed by God Almighty, I will like us to do two things, look at;

(1) What is Kingdom Business?

(2) The organogram of God’s kingdom.

This will certainly give us a better understanding of kingdom business.


A lot of people may be of the opinion that God does not do business, but from the scripture it is very clear that God is all about business. Kingdom business is simply God’s business. If you look throughout scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, the words kingdom and business are used separately several times in the Bible. However, one instance is very significant to this discourse.   Jesus Christ was accused by his earthly parents for absconding from them on their return journey home from Jerusalem. He said to them, don’t you know I will be about my father’s business?. Luke 2:49 & 50 but his parents did not understand the meaning of what he said. He was just twelve years old then, and they found him after 3 days search, in the temple sitting in the midst of doctors, both hearing and asking them questions. All that heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers.

The Big Question is what is the fathers business the boy Jesus Christ was referring to? Is it the temple's business? Is it the business of listening to the doctor’s business (Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes), is it the earthly father, Joseph business or his heavenly father’s (God’s) business? He was actually talking of His heavenly Father’s kingdom business. He was particular about God’s business which can also be referred to as the Word Business.  God is the same as His word. His kingdom business is the business of Himself. John 1:1 said, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Jesus Christ was discussing the word of God with them in the temple.


  1. He is the creator of everything (heaven, earth, Hell, Host of the universe, stars, mankind/creatures Gen.1, John 1:3
  2. He is your Lifelord
  3. Immortal (cannot die) Holy Spirit
  4. God is life, light and truth (Holy Spirit) John1:4
  5. Nothing is too difficult for him. Mighty and powerful
  6. King of kings, Lord of lords, everlasting king of all kingdoms (God’s supremacy). Plan for the new Jerusalem (new Heaven, headquarters) on earth (new Earth)
  7. God’s word is Himself. He cannot lie. He is the truth (all righteous God) Beginning and the end, the Alpha and omega
  8. The trinity God, His Angels, covenants children (Sons and daughters of light)


  1. He did not create anything (a rebel/militant/disloyal messenger) Arch Angel
  2. Immortal (cannot die) evil spirit
  3. Deceptive power to control God’s creations (people)
  4. Satan the devil, the leader of the rebels, reign is limited (short time) chained and put in the lake of fire (everlasting torment) cannot come out
  5. Devil is a very big liar. His words are deceptive, lawless, disobedient (all unrighteousness beginning and end of lies)
  6. Lucifer is one spirit, rebel angel, disobedient sons and daughters of (rebel human beings)


  1. God’s creation – made up of spirit soul and body (trium being) image and likeness of God. Gen.1:26
  2. Corrupted (defective) at birth – spirit of God absent or inactive
  3. The choice of new birth (born again) or stay with old birth (corrupted seed)
  4. Conversion is by the grace of God (those he choose John 15:16) mankind enjoys evil (lawlessness)
  5. Mankind is supposed to reign as kings and priests on earth depending on which side he belongs to (kingdom of light or kingdom of darkness) righteous person or unrighteous person (Rev 5:10)
  6. A covenant child is more powerful than Satan on earth because of the backing of his heavenly father. God protects his children from Satan’s temptation and ministry agenda (steal, kill, and destroy)

Time will not permit us to look at the characteristics of the kingdom of heaven, kingdom of earth and kingdom of darkness in details.

However, simply put;

Kingdom of light (heaven) è light, righteousness, truth, eternity, no sin

Kingdom of earth è quality control place, Rev 3:7 temptation abound ----pass. You have to pass your temptation.

Kingdom of Darkness è Darkness, unrighteousness, lies, eternal torment, sinfulness


Is the temple of God kingdom business? The temple of God before the advent of Christ Church is not the true church of God or the real kingdom business. It is a platform, a place, a center were religious worshippers meet. Jesus Christ did not accept the temples and synagogues as the true house of God, neither did He accept the religiosity, traditions and doctrines in it as kingdom business,  hence he said, you have turn my father’s house into a den of thieves, where hypocrites like Sadducees, Pharisees and scribes teach false doctrines. In Rev. 3:9 it was referred to as Synagogue of Satan. This was why, even though there were many synagogues and temples of worship, He said in Matthew 16:18, thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. When he changed Simon’s name to Peter meaning the Rock. The church is a true Christian worship centre. The people in the church are the kingdom business and not the building (structure).  However, it is funny how people try to behave well once they step into a church building, because for them, “I am in church, so I have to behave”. I am sorry to disappoint you but , when you walked in, the church walked in, and when you walk out the church walked out. When you went to the office, the church went to the office, never forget, YOU ARE THE CHURCH. Without humans, there is no church that is why Pastor Joel Osteen said, “We are God’s biggest deal” what is a deal? Business, in other words, we are God’s biggest business. You are is greatest investment.

God’s business or kingdom business is greater than the church building. Kingdom business is about people and what they do with the word of God both inside and outside the church building. For instance, Jesus Christ was the kingdom business and he went about doing good both inside the temple and outside the temple. You are the kingdom business and not the building structure.  The founder or owner of a company or an institution is not less important than the company or institution. God is the creator of all creations. The creation cannot be greater than the creator. This was why when Jesus Christ was passing through a corn farm with his disciples on a Sabbath day and his disciples where hungry and plucked some corn and eat. The Pharisees accused him of allowing the disciples to break the law. He told them it is written in the book of law, that when David and his men were hungry they ate the shewbread of the temple meant for priest alone and nothing happen. Also that the priest used to profane [defile] the temple and they were blameless. Not to talk of himself who is greater than the temple if only they knew, they will not kill the guiltless. They were confused by this statement and did not understand him. He said he is greater than the temple because he is God. The temple was created to serve God not God to serve the temple.  In clarification, Jesus Christ said in John 2:19 “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up”.  Clearly, he was not talking about the temple building, but He referred to himself as “this Temple”, this was evident when He died and rose up from the dead in 3 days! You are the temple of God. We are too superstitious. Act 17: 22 -28 and to the end explains this fact by Apostle Paul in Athens.

Kingdom business is the business of God and all his creations. It includes the government and operations of his entire kingdoms being handled by mortals and immortal creations according to His Word (will). There are three major kingdoms created by God.

[1]Kingdom of heavens- 3 Heavens-Angels host of heaven.

[2]Kingdom of Earth- Mankind, host of earth

[3]Kingdom of hell- dark kingdom

It involves the modus operandi of God. His agenda and operations for the existence of the universe, Heaven is his throne and the earth his footstool and hell fire is an everlasting prison for disobedient [rebellious] servants and angels. The entire kingdom business is governed by the Word of God. The Word from God the Father, the Word from God the Son and the word from God the Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ confirmed this when he said on earth that I and my Father are one and that he does only what the Father ask him to do. If this is correct then the Word of God is the most significant thing in the Kingdom business because God and his Word are the same. It is right to say that kingdom business is the Word business because the Word reign supreme in the Kingdom it is the instrument used for creating the kingdom.

It is almost impossible to separate God from his Word. God is in his Word, In 1samuel 3:21. The lord appeared again in Shiloh for the lord revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the Word of the lord [kjv]. I believe strongly in my heart God will appear to you through this manual by his Word. He said in his Word, when two or three are gathered together in his name, He is there in their midst. He is the unseen guest and if you are sensitive to his Word you will see him.

The topic understanding kingdom business is very important to our lives because it is the reason for our existence. When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. Before we go into the purpose of kingdom business, let’s look at some misconceptions about kingdom business for a better understanding of the kingdom business.


[1] If I help God to do His own, He will help me to do my own- If I help God to do His own work He help me in my own work.

[2] I’m not a business person- I don’t like business, I love career (job/work).

[3] Kingdom Business is Churchism- an active church member, kingdom business is not the church but the people in the church. And it service to God inside and outside the church.

[4] Kingdom business is for Pastors only:- Men of God not for everybody.


[1]     Your appointment and service to God

Your kingdom business is your appointment and service to God. Before you were born you have been given a divine appointment and service you will do for God. To ascertain the veracity of this statement we can look at the book of truth Jer1:5, 2Thimothy1:9, Rm8:27 & 28. All these scriptures pointing to the fact that your divine appointment in this world is not of this world but divinely orchestrated by your creator for His own purpose and not your own purpose. For you to function maximally in this world you must adopt the purpose of God for your life. Life is a gift but you must be accountable for the usage. You are an investment a priceless Jewel with unlimited potentials to mesmerize this world with your gift.

Another bible evidence to support the truth that kingdom business is about your appointment and service to God is in Luke19:12. Jesus Christ was speaking to his disciples; he said, a certain man went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return. Also, Jesus Christ speaking to his disciples in another instance said, ‘’and I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father had appointed unto me; Luke22:29. Here it looks like Jesus Christ can appoint the disciples kingdom business but it is not so, he said so because he knows the mind of God and he is God, but God has already appointed them before he made the proclamation to them. Jesus Christ said in Luke: Among the disciples you gave me I preserved them except for one Judas

The disciples of Jesus Christ were already appointed by God before Jesus Christ asked them to follow him. The manual you are reading now was already predestined before this time.

It is like a replay of a spiritual movie that has already taken place. Jesus Christ made this point very clear, that he is not the one that appoints people in the kingdom but his Father’s job. He only appoints those the father already appointed. The mother of Zebedee’s children (Mrs. Zebedee) with her two sons (John and James) came to worship and desired a certain appointment (position) in the Kingdom. Their mother lobbied that Jesus Christ should make one sit on his right hand side and the other on his left hand side in his kingdom. Jesus Christ said; you don’t know what you are asking for, can you two drink from of the cup I drink and be baptized with the baptism I’m baptized in. They both said, yes they can do it.
And he said unto them in Matthew.20:23 Ye shall drink indeed of my cup, and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized: but  to sit on my right hand, and on my left, is not mine to give, but it  shall be given to them for whom it  is prepared of my Father.
          Your appointment is for service (Kingdom Service) in the book of Nehemiah, you will see how your appointment can turn to disappointment if you fail to serve in your kingdom; Nehemiah 9:34-37 specifically verses 35, for they have not served thee in their kingdom.


Kingdom business is about your life business, God’s purpose for your life.

This is the perfect realization that life is a special gift from God, and God expects man to use the gift according to His will (mind/intention/Word) and to obey the ordinances, (constitution) of God’s kingdom for life which was put in place before the establishment of heavens and earth. Man must subject his carnal will to God’s spiritual will for man is a spiritual being like God, but man is living in a physical body. God’s will must win in the battle field of decision (God’s will vs man’s will, spirit and flesh warfare). Life business is acknowledging the truth that man must give account of God’s gift (life investment) while on earth. Anything you have to account for with the intention of profiting is business Life business is discovering the reason or purpose of God creating you and living as God expect of you always.

Life business is knowing that life is a business and is about gaining for God’s business empire. Life business is knowing that one is part of God’s larger family as a covenant child of God. Life business is knowing that there is no other life (private, personal, official e.t.c), while on earth. The only life is the one God gave for his own purpose and not man’s purpose. 2Timorty1:6 &9, Roman 8:27&28. Man can only have purpose if he choose or adopt the purpose of God for his life. Discovering purpose by man is a journey towards God’s kingdom (your position and place in His kingdom).


Kingdom business is the business of the Word; If a tree is cut down, there is hope that it will rise up again if there is water; the water is the Word of God, The kingdom business recognizes or respects only one profession. The Word practitioners! God told Joshua in Joshua 1:8 to study the Word day and night. Also in 2Timothy 3:16 & 17 and Jeremiah 1: 4-5, your success story in your kingdom business is dependent on your Word level, wisdom and understanding. The Word of God is the solution to all problems pertaining to life because the Word was in the beginning with God. All things were made by the Word and without the Word was not anything made that was made, in him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not John1:5. The importance of the Word in Kingdom business cannot be over emphasized in Luke 21:33, Jesus Christ speaking to his disciples said. “Heaven and earth shall pass away”. The Word of God is greater than heaven and earth that is why in Revelation 3, we were told the earth and heaven will be rolled away like a carpet and a new one established. Kingdom business is God’s authority over all creations. You are either in or out, and anyone that is out is a rebel and will be in eternal prison of torment (hell fire).


  • New birth (Born Again)
  • You must have discovered your life business (God’s purpose for your life)
  • It must be about God and his kingdom
  • Faithful Service to God
  • You must enjoy doing it, you don’t do it because of money, it gives you peace and fulfillment.
  • It must glorify God
  • It must touch lives other than you and immediate family (Bless others)
  • It must be in line with the word of God/will

Lastly, Prov.21:16, the man that wondereth out of the way of understanding kingdom business is in the congregation of the dead. Choose the kingdom of light and live gloriously in this life and the life after this life. Jesus is lord.

Thank you and God bless.



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