December 13, 2015


Passage: PSALM 119:142

Let’s look at yet another dimension of Truth. The Truth as the law of God. We know the Truth as the person of Jesus Christ or God, the Truth as the Word of God, the Truth as the Holy Spirit, the Truth as the way the Truth and the life. In either the old and new testament or old and new covenant, the Truth has been depicted as the law of God. However there is a paradigm shift in that John 1:17 says that the Law was given by Moses and Grace and Truth came by our Lord Jesus Christ. Psalm119:142 says, ‘’ Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness and thy law is Truth.’’ It means the same law in the Old Testament which is the Truth is the same Truth in the, New Testament but with grace added to it. Is the law at Mount Sinai faulty or incorrect? Not at all, but the medium to fulfil the law was inadequate in that the priest had to sanctify himself first before sanctifying others by continuous sacrifices for the remission of sin which the new law or new covenant took care of. Jesus Christ said he has not come to cancel the law rather he has come to fulfil it.


The law is the weapon or tool or strategy used by God to mastermind His grand plan to rescue mankind from the bondage of sin and death. God beat Satan in his own game or trick with the law. God Almighty is a Master-Craft-God, he created everything in the world both visible and invisible. He created good and even bad for the day of evil, Prov. 16:4. He created Satan good before he became a rebel and unfortunately Satan cannot repent because he is an immortal spirit being. God knows the limit and power of Satan because he created Lucifer. The law was a deception, a shadow of the real thing to come. Satan was very happy with the law because it was like God had shot himself on the foot. The advent of the law brought so much sin and death from Mount Sinai where the law was given to Moses. Satan was happy with the law because it was helping him to populate his kingdom. Satan even attempted to carry the spiritual body of Moses after death with the accusation that he violated the law in the book of Jude before the Arch Angel Michael took Moses body by force because of the grace of God upon Moses and rebuked Satan by the Word of God, Jude 2:5.

Satan knew Jesus Christ was the son of God but he did not know the full extent of the power of Jesus and His authority that was concealed by God. There were many prophecies about Jesus Christ coming to overcome and defeat Satan and Jesus becoming the Messiah, but Satan did not know how it will happen because he was in charge on earth. He never imagined how he could be dethroned in his own kingdom (some part of earth and hell, the grave where he reigns). Jesus Christ was the seed of Holiness without spot or blemish (no sin). Satan was in custody of the key of death, God told Satan in Job4:5, you have the power to touch everything Job has except Job’s life, and Satan in one day killed and destroyed everything that Job had except his Life. Satan killed all his children within split seconds, so he has the power to take life and destroy property or kill if God permit’s. We are not consumed daily because God has not permitted Satan to do us any harm.

Jesus told Peter that ‘’Satan desire to sieve (separate, filter) you as a shaft but I have prayed for you that when you are fully converted (rehabilitated, transformed, changed, renewed, new, improved= conversion is a process of mind renewal Roman 12:1-2) strengthen the others.’’ What Jesus was telling Peter was that after he has uploaded enough Truth, when the Holy Spirit has come upon him, he should strengthen the others with the Truth he knows (Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free (from Satan), John 8:32). Satan goes for the Shepherd or Head of the flocks. When Jesus Christ was arrested and sentenced to death, Satan was happy with the law of sin and death that convicted Jesus Christ. Satan did not know that the death sentence of an innocent person will ultimately bring about the freedom of the entire mankind if they accept the Truth as Jesus Christ as their Lord, little did he know that Jesus was going to come and meet him in hell and dethrone him. Jesus Christ in hell made a public spectacle of Satan as he dethrone him and took the key of the gate of hell from him, the bible says “All power belongs to me in heaven, earth and beneath the earth’’. Satan has lost the battle and his time is short. He will be thrown into the pit of hell where his spirit will be caged for all eternity and a new earth and heavens will be created by God where peace will reign forevermore.


What Then Is the Purpose of The Law:

  1. The law is to reconcile us back to Christ by redemption for curse is any man that is hung on a tree and Jesus Christ was made a curse by the law for he was hung on a tree by this we are made free if we believe and accept him. Galatian3:13
  2. The law is not of faith the man that doeth them will live by them. But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God is evidence that the just shall live by faith. Galatian 3:10
  3. Abraham believed God it was accounted to him for righteousness. And he is the father of faith, so also when we believe that the blessing of Abraham can come upon us by faith in Jesus Christ not by the law which was completed by the Death of Our lord Jesus Christ.
  4. The law was our School master to bring us unto Christ that we might be justified by faith.
  5. But now that Christ is come we are no longer under the School master but under the grace of Christ by faith as many as baptized. We are now children of God by faith. Neither Jew nor Greek, Circumcised or not, male or female. All equal before God in Christ Jesus.
  6. You must become the son (co-son) of God to maximize your son-ship in Christ Jesus, no more tutors and Governors tossed about with different doctrines. The heir as far as is a child is no different from servant but when he becomes a son with the Spirit of God inside him. He is matured in the spirit and is being led by the Spirit. The inner man now controls or leads the outer man, not the outer controlling or leading the inner as it is with a child. Those that are led by the spirit are those that are sons of God.


  • You are set free by the power of Jesus, receive restoration in all areas of your life this day in Jesus name.
  • Satan shall no longer have a hold on you in Jesus name
  • You are set free to Reign; begin to reign concerning your Finances, Job, family, and health in your body, spirit and soul.
  • May everything you set your hand to do prosper in Jesus name
  • In your going in you are blessed, in your coming out you are blessed.
  • Your name shall be heard in all nations of the world for good, even as you accept the truth as Jesus Christ today and make him Lord and Saviour of your life. Jesus is your LifeLord.

God Bless You

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