I have been attending this church for about 4 months and have learnt a lot of new things from the Word of God that i didn’t know before. Before coming to Bible Study yesterday i had 7 questions i wanted to ask the Senior Pastor but in the course of his teaching he answered them all, while sited three more questions arose in my heart and he answered them. The Word of God is exceptionally mighty in this commission and the depth of revelation the Man of God has shows that God is really with him. I thank God for leading me to Living God Covenant Church.

Okenyeka Martins

I have been trusting God to get job with the Federal Government for a very long time but it was not forth coming i did all i could but still no result. The first day i came to this church our daddy said we should ask God for one thing we want God to do for us this week. In my heart i told God that He should help me get the government job and that same week i received a call for interview and i resumed work immediately in the ministry that deals with my field of discipline to God be the glory.

Anthony O. Anthony

I was working with USAID as a contract staff and after the termination of the job i invested in catering and event management business in one of the northern states in Nigeria but crisis made me to lose all my investment so for a very long time i was jobless and stranded. My rent got expired and i used up another 3 months one week so the landlord asked me to pack out from the house. I met a pastor from this church who evangelised to me, he persuaded me to come so i reluctantly came to the Sunday service that week the senior pastor declared that week “change of status”. That week somebody called me to take up a shop ideal for my catering business in a standard hotel without paying. I returned the next Sunday to give the testimony in church i told God that i was grateful for that blessing but that my rent is the most important because as a lady i cannot afford to sleep outside and i have nowhere to keep my properties that he should also attend to this issue. That week a relation sent me money and i paid for my rent. I returned to give God thanks.

Sis. Victoria

The month of September was declared our month of “change of status” and the first week of the month was also tagged week of “change of Status”. We held on to that prophetic word as a family, i fell sick and was unable to come to church in the mid-week service, our daddy prophesied on the communion that it is our communion of change of status my husband brought the communion home from service and we took it the following morning instantly i became well. I am into hairdressing and i operate under a tree and there is this shop that had been locked up for very long time, about three other people were interested in the shop and they know the owner. That morning, when i came out of the house i saw the owner afar talking to some people that are also interested in the place. I met him and told him that i am interested in the shop i want to thank God that without much persuasion and at a little less than half the price the others were willing to pay, some were even willing to pay cash, but God favoured me and he gave me the shop and i am to pay at my convenience. To God alone be all the glory!

Bro. Virtue Daniel

For a very long time i have been struggling spiritually: i don’t study the Bible as I used to, i don’t go out for personal evangelism anymore and my business was facing tough time: clients weren’t buying lands from me and no one was coming to rent houses through me, but since i joined this commission things have changed. I find it easy to wake up in the night to pray, i have started going out to evangelise again and my all of a sudden people have started buying land through me, and I am making good profit; thanks be to God.

Sis Margret Ameh